Most commonly used chiropractic procedures

The chiropractic profession was formed in the year 1895 with the intention of relieving the pains and irritations of the back and spinal adjustments that the medical doctors could not cure. There are over 100 different chiropractic techniques and each chiropractor uses the unique that connects them to their patient.

Since many years, chiropractors have been refining their techniques to such extents that there only remains to have 5 common chiropractic procedures.

  1. Logan Basic - This technique is used by chiropractors to help relieve headaches and lower back pain. It is performed by applying gentle pressure at the end of your spine which help the realignment of spinal bones. It releases the tension in the muscles of your spinal cord which would reduce your stress level. It is beneficial for being safe and effective for both adults and children.
  2. Gonstead - The basic aim of this technique Is to adjust the lower back and pelvis while you lie on your side. This procedure is performed by hand and used in order to reduce the pains, realign the joints and increase the mobility. Sometimes an X-ray would be taken in order to assess which part of your body should be the focus if this procedure.
  3. Diversified technique - This is a very popular method to cure the lumbar disk herniations along with leg and back pain. This technique is known as the creating of popping noises as it indicates the restoration of your joints in such a manner that functionality isn’t enhanced. This could be a very good reliever for neck and back pain.
  4. Applied Kinesiology - This technique is like a sports therapy that would put the focus on your bones along with the muscles holding them in place. In case you have misaligned bones, this could balance the opposing muscle so being attached to it. This is one of the first recommended treatment for anyone who has suffered a sports injury and seeks a chiropractor.
  5. Flexion-distraction - Being used as a treatment for the lumbar part of the spine, this technique reduces the pressure on the spinal nerves and increases the spinal motion. This is a great treatment if you have herniated disks in your back

These techniques are used at some Coventry chiropractor services to relieve the pains of their patients. Some Coventry chiropractor techniques reach more than these in order to cure the patient's pains as well as possible.